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For example, when we evaluate the analytics of your social media platforms and show you how you can gain more reach and followers. 



For example, if we start your first own podcast together, or enter into a long-term, strategic cooperation with a brand.



e.g. if you can no longer see the wood for the trees, have the feeling that you are treading water or are looking for new challenges.



e.g. if you have problems with the balancing act between public and private life or if everything just becomes too much. 


Photo: Annika Yanura

Mirella Precek / Mirellativegal

Mirella Precek is a reality TV expert with a large and loyal YouTube viewership that is second to none. In 2021, she founded her own games and puzzle publishing company, Willa Wunst. After 10 years, the Nuremberg native will be touring Germany for the first time at the end of 2023 with her live show "Trash Paradise," which sold out in a flash.

Marie Nasemann

Marie Nasemann

Marie is an actress, fair fashion activist, feminist and mother. She focuses on sustainability to make her fellow human beings aware of the negative effects of fast fashion on people and the environment. Following her other passion, she attended drama school and has since acted in various theater productions and films. Marie wants to lead by example and inspire others to follow her passion and integrate fair fashion and equality into their lives. The bestselling author lives and works in Berlin.

Sebastian Tigges - YilmazHummel Website 2022

Sebastian Tigges

In a former life, Sebastian Tigges was a lawyer for insolvency law in a large law firm in Berlin and also the founder of probably the coolest egg liqueur in Germany: Rübbelberg. He comes from Düsseldorf and now lives in Berlin. Sebastian Tigges has more or less involuntarily become the poster boy/man of the mental health movement in Germany by doing something very atypical for a man of his age: he has spoken publicly about his feelings. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people follow him on Instagram.

Uyen Ninh 2023

Uyen Ninh

Uyen moved from Vietnam to Germany - more precisely to the tranquil city of Mannheim - and shortly after that the adventure began. In her videos, she humorously elaborates on the cultural and social differences between Germany and Vietnam, reaching several million people every day. After a very short time, Uyen can already count herself among the biggest German creators on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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Leo Schley / JustLeo

Leo is a comedian and entertainer from Hamburg. She impressively manages the balancing act between YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. She inspires millions of people with her videos every day. Leo celebrates particular success with her sketch series "talking periods", in which she breaks with the taboo subject of menstruation in an inimitable way and subtly raises awareness.

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Carlo Summer / Casa Carlo

Whether Gen Z, Millennial or Boomer - everyone is welcome at Casa Carlo. In just a few months, Carlo has made it into the hearts of hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Instagram and TikTok with funny stories from everyday life. In doing so, he speaks from the soul of young and old and criticizes the pressure for unattainable perfectionism propagated by social media in an affectionate and witty manner. This pinch of reality hits the right nerve and rightly gives Carlo his success story. We look forward to all visitors to Casa Carlo who are still to come.

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Ben Bernschneider

Ben Bernschneider is a Style Cowboy & Traveling Gentleman, although that ignores the fact that the multi-talented man is also an award-winning copywriter, director and author. Following the release of his feature film debuts (Gonger - Evil Never ForgetsGonger 2 - Evil Returns) his self-published photo books and his America book trilogy, Ben conquered the podcast medium in 2019 with "Bam Bam Tapes". Since the beginning of 2023, Ben has dedicated himself to a career as a content creator on social media, where he inspires several hundred thousand people every day with his creative content. A comment under one of his videos characteristically reads: "Finally a grown-up influencer." Ben lives and works in Hamburg.


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