YilmazHummel stands like no one else for social media content, YouTube know-how and influencer marketing expertise, but especially for Oğuz Yılmaz and Felix Hummel.

With us, you get exactly what you expect from good talent management. Honest feedback, direct & transparent communication, sustainable success. A management you can trust with certainty.

We only promise you the service that we can really deliver and that is what we stand for with our names.


Oğuz Yılmaz - YilmazHummel 2023


My journey on YouTube started 17years ago. With Y-Titty, my friends and I pioneered before I switched behind the camera at the end of 2015 and founded my own social media and influencer marketing agency. Since 2017, I have taken the course of Talent Manager and consequently founded our own Talent Management with Felix in early 2020. I live in Cologne, but you're more likely to meet me on the train crisscrossing Germany.

Felix Hummel - YilmazHummel 2023


With YilmazHummel I position myself on the side of the artists:inside. In 2012 I produced the German YouTube Original Channel "Onkel Bernis Welt" and in 2013 I started my own YouTube channel "CopyCatChannel". 3 years later, I founded the influencer marketing agency BuzzBird, which is now one of the most successful influencer marketing agencies in Germany. Today, social media and especially YouTube is still my great passion. It is important to me to represent the same values both privately and professionally. I am an incorrigible optimist, vegan as possible and live with my two cats in Berlin.

Jana Steinlein - YilmazHummel 2023

Jana Steinlein

After more than 3 years of influencer marketing on the brand and agency side, I would like to use my know-how at YilmazHummel and translate it into artist management. Social media is not only enormously important in a marketing context, but is also a great passion for me personally. In addition, there is the aspect of individual support for artists as well as the focus on sustainability and socially relevant topics. I can combine my personal idealism with this very well. I eat a vegan diet - whenever possible - am lovingly cheeky and a wholehearted do-gooder and live in Berlin.

Sjard Geiersbach - YilmazHummel 2023


Because of my name I am often asked if I am Scandinavian, but I come from a small village near Kassel, where my great-grandparents already owned a few hectares of land and I even went to school with a tractor. So you could call me a true outdoorsman. A sustainable lifestyle has therefore been important to me since my childhood. After a year of voluntary work, I studied economics and languages at the University of Giessen and in Coimbra, Portugal. After working in large food and beverage companies for many years, I now work in accounting at YilmazHummel . I live in Berlin-Kreuzberg. I live in Berlin-Kreuzberg without dogs and cats but with a boyfriend with behavioural problems. In my free time, I like to make music or programme.

Freerk Sitter - YilmazHummel 2023


I come from theater, art and radio, but mostly by bike from Berlin Moabit. For more than ten years now, I have been producing podcasts and telling stories in text and sound for NGOs, politics and cultural institutions. What fascinates me about podcasts is the special closeness and intimacy that emerges between the lines of a conversation. Creating the pauses, the gaps and the digressions that language thrives on are the greatest feat for me. And what words cannot express, the body must dance. Berlin is the ideal place for that, but even though the name comes from the North Sea, my heart is at home in the Lower Rhine.

Josefine Leukefeld - YilmazHummel 2024


If people from my life had to describe me, then they would probably call me most likely as "Social Butterfly". I'm Fine, come from the beautiful Leipzig and pretty much always have a laugh on my lips. It's important to me that people feel comfortable in my presence and that the coffee tastes good. After starting in social media and content marketing a few years ago, I realized that my heart beats more and more for talent management. I'm a fan of creative video content and spend more time on TikTok and YouTube than I do on Netflix.

Niklas Stündel - YilmazHummel 2024


When I tell people that I am a native Berliner, I am often eyed like a rare animal. And yet, as a city kid with Brandenburg farm experience, I'm more of a hybrid. I studied theater, film and media studies and am particularly passionate about visual storytelling. After social media agency jobs and working for public international television, I now work as a producer at YilmazHummel , where I take care of all YouTube-related topics. In my free time, you can find me either in the water, on my bike, in running shoes or at the movies.

Tanya Most - YilmazHummel 2024


My journey through the facets of art, culture and social media reflects my interdisciplinary passion. Between galleries, curation, content production and artist relations, I have learned how to let creative energy flow (together) in all directions and now want to focus on talent management. Having grown up in the East between Berlin and Leipzig, I continue to commute between these two cities. I am particularly committed to social issues such as queer empowerment, feminism and sustainability.

You can't write Yilmaz without Hummel.


Our aim is not to influence, but to convey content.

We believe that focusing solely on marketing is not sustainable. Promoting good content and helping our creators get their message out into the world is our goal.

We call on companies to be more honest and sustainable.

In order to drive sustainable change, it is not enough to shift the responsibility onto the consumer. We reserve the right to refuse cooperation to companies that cannot demonstrate a sustainability strategy.

Making money is necessary, but getting rich is never our goal.

It is legitimate and important to earn money with your own work. However, we believe that maximizing one's own wealth should never be the goal, neither our own nor that of the creators we work with.

Underpromise, Overdeliver.

It would certainly be possible to acquire the creators with the widest reach if we promised them the moon, but that is not our philosophy. We are honest and stick to the realistic facts.

Racism has no place in our society.

And while we're at it: we're also against all forms of violence, discrimination and hate speech.

We want to be role models.

We believe thatcreators have the power to make the world a better place. That's why we stand up for our values boldly, decisively and loudly.

We live New Work.

Just because it was once said that the working week should have 5 days does not mean that this is a good thing. We are a modern and flexible employer and want to offer our employees a working environment in which they can develop and make all their energy and creativity available to our artists. That is why we have officially introduced the 4-day working week since 01.01.2022.

We believe in the Creator Economy.

Creators are more than influencer marketing. They have long since grown into producers and media entrepreneurs. We welcome and support this development. We believe in the long-term success of the industry and see ourselves and our artists as part of it.

We work for artists, not for brands.

We are a management and thus service provider for our artists. We work for their careers. We do not advise agencies and we do not advise brands. We like to work with partners, but not for them. This is the only way we can guarantee that all our decisions and actions serve the interests of our artists.

Not for sale and independent.

YilmazHummel belongs to Oğuz Yılmaz and Felix Hummel and this will not change. In our founding contract, we have stipulated that no investors or other companies are involved in our management. This way we can always guarantee that all decisions are made for the benefit of our artists.

YilmazHummel has the following focus goals of the UN 2030 Agenda


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